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Make Yourself a “Living Prayer”

Almost three years ago, after seeing The Secret, my friend announced that she was going to meet a man and then marry him within the month. She believed this with every fiber of her being because, after all, she had asked. “Ask, believe, receive — it’s the Law!” she told me, beaming with certainty.And not just any law, according to the movie’s website, but “the most powerful law in the universe”: the Law of Attraction. No wonder she was so confident. A universal law is a statement of fact that a particular phenomenon always occurs when specified conditions are met. With asking and believing out of the way, my friend was fully prepared to receive. And yet, sadly, her man has yet to manifest. Her question was why?Of course, many people have achieved remarkable success by thinking positively, crafting “vision boards,” holding a good feeling, and practicing various other techniques promoted by proponents of The Secret. So, perhaps the critical question is how do these practices work, when in fact they do? Do we need an agent acting on our behalf in the universe, if only intermittently?Starting with the premi …

By Peggy La Cerra. Click here for more!

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