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Help Someone in Need of Helpin'

All my friends have money and time but not me. I have two kids and two part-time jobs. My friends are taking trips to help people in Africa with their time and doing all this good stuff with their income. What can I do to help the world?Be a good, present parent, and be responsible, honest, and helpful at work. Besides just living with virtue, there are three very simple things you can do: 1) Have your 401(k) and other investments invested responsibly in sustainable, ethical, and responsible companies. 2) Consider switching to the Working Assets credit card, which donates a bit of each of your charges to charities and good causes. 3) Smile and be helpful. A friend calls this “doing what is in your field of vision.” He says, “If you see ‘em in need, you help ‘em.”An understanding smile, helping someone on the bus, giving up your seat so someone else can sit comfortably — all these things don’t cost a thing. Also, live simply, eat a happy, plant-based diet, and recycle and reuse. Attitude does more good than you will ever know. If my credit score is ruined, am I destined to be carless and homeless?As …

Paul Sutherland is living in Uganda, encouraging young and old alike to push past fear, and contemplate a spiritual and practical path each day.

To ask Paul a question, email him directly at [email protected].

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