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The Heart of Money: Are We to Blame?

My partner heads up a research hospital, and I’m a neurosurgeon. We both came from well-to-do families and graduated from Ivy League schools. We realize that we’ve received huge advantages over our lifetimes, simply due to our privileged backgrounds. Furthermore, my father just died, and we stand to inherit a not-so-small fortune. With all this Occupy Wall Street/99 percent stuff going on, my partner is feeling incredibly guilty. I realize that we are the 1 percent, but I tell her that we didn’t invent this economic system that benefits us so well. It’s not our fault that our jobs pay so well. Anyway, income disparity is a problem, and our capitalist society does seem to be unraveling a bit. Are we to blame? Could we have done more to bring about a fairer society?This is a wonderfully refreshing question, and I will give you my thoughts on it. But first, I want to give a mini-lecture: You are doing great work! You are healing people. Your partner’s work in a research hospital is helping to end suffering. For those you help, your presence is a blessing. It is wonderful that you are using your talent and …

By Paul Sutherland. Click here for more!

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