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Rabbi Rami's Guide to Life's 5 Biggest Questions

Let’s face it. The biggest unknown in a parent’s life is her child. These beings come into the world without papers. We have no idea who they are, where they came from, what they are supposed to do, where they are going, or why they exist at all. So what do we do? We make up stories: stories about them and stories about ourselves; stories about nature, about life, death, and afterlife; stories about fate, karma, destiny, heavens and hells, and rewards and punishments. And we tell these stories to our kids. Except we don’t tell them they are stories. We offer them with the same matter-of-factness that we use when we tell them that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and not to take candy from strangers. The stories I’m talking about aren’t just “once upon a time” stories ― the stories you read to your children at bedtime. The stories I’m talking about include the more subtle stories we tell our children, the stories we pretend aren’t stories at all but facts, truths, and inescapable realities. These are stories that answer the five existential questions:Who am I?Where did I come from?Whe …

By Rabbi Rami Shapiro. Click here for more!

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