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How Chinese Medicine Cures Colds

As modern science continues to unravel the complexity of virus behavior on a cellular level in humans, cold sufferers should be reminded that the Chinese medical system has successfully treated viral infections, like the common cold, for several thousand years. Rather than try to eradicate the virus, Chinese medicine subscribes to a model of peaceful coexistence, believing the pathogens are a natural complement to our healthy bodies. If, however, the body’s defenses are in a weakened state and disease occurs, Chinese practitioners will seek to arouse the body’s own healing force to effectively expel the pathogen through sweat, urine, and feces.The cold-prevention recommendations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) fall under three categories: diet, emotions, and exercise. Briefly, here’s what TCM practitioners suggest to bolster the immune system, from The Common Cold: Help from Chinese Medicine, a recently released book from the Beijing-based People’s Medical Publishing House by Liu En-Zhao and Carl Stimson.Diet: To benefit from TCM’s dietary recommendations as it relates to preventing colds, patient …

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