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Do Good Gurus Have to Be Good People?

Having worked at a retreat center for the past few decades, I’ve become intimate with many gurus and their flocks. My conclusion is that the nature of every great teacher mirrors the dual structure of reality, as laid out in Sankhya, a yoga philosophy: There is spirit or consciousness (purusha) and there is nature (prakriti). For the unenlightened, consciousness is all mixed in and identified with various aspects of nature. The illumined, however, experience a radical disjunction between consciousness and nature. Consciousness and nature (thoughts, emotions, actions, objects) are completely separate. Thus, the state of yoga is not really one of “union,” as is commonly assumed, but a state of radical dis-union. So the illumined have their divine aspect and their human aspect, which are completely separate. It is prakriti, or nature, that acts, and the spirit of the illumined floats above, disassociated from all of that. That is why the Bhagavad Gita says that an enlightened individual can never be discerned from his or her actions, which could be anything. The personality and actions, for the detached …

By James N. Powell. Click here for more!

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