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Getting into the Spirit of 2012

The winter solstice on December 21, 2012, is said to synchronize with the end of a 5,125-year cycle in the Mayan calendar. Although no one knows how the Mayan prophecies will unfold (and skeptics yawn that it will make Y2K seem earth-shattering), Sharron Rose, mystic scholar and film producer, shared the following: “During the creation of our films, 2012 The Odyssey and Timewave 2013, I had the privilege of interviewing many of the leading experts on the 2012 phenomenon, the coming shift and ‘end of time.’ As I reflected upon their words and visions, it became clear to me that the most beneficial way in which one could look at this time period is from a metaphorical perspective. As anyone who has experienced a life-threatening illness can tell you, the awareness of the possibility of death can bring on a renewed understanding and appreciation of the beauty and power of living. The meme of December 21, 2012, the ending of the Mayan calendar, has become for many such a death/rebirth moment, a rallying point for the shedding of the old paradigm and the manifestation of a new enlightened vision for human …

Prema Gaia first wrote for S&H about leaving the fast life in Los Angeles and spending four years living “ultra light”—taking to the road with the clothes on her back and no money at all. Gaia is passionate about facilitating transformational events, connecting changemakers, working one-on-one with clients, and writing about emerging movements that are supporting global awakening.

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