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Listening To Your Gut

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Some practices for tending the gut have scant basis in anatomical reality… The gut has a mind of its own.

This 'From the Archives' article first appeared in our September/October 2008 issue. Join S&H's Subscription Program and access 20 years of archives instantly! I can say from my direct experience as an anatomist that the human gut is a marvel to behold. Among the many aspects of our multilayered, multitextured bodies, our gut, that luminous alimentary path from mouth to anus, is one with which we presume to have a relatively intimate familiarity From it arise audible growls; its contents eject violently when we are sick; gasses erupt from either end, sometimes most inconveniently; and it drives us toward the potty on (it’s hoped) a regular basis. Unlike the more subtle longings of our heart, our gut seems harder to ignore. The riches of the gut, however, extend well beyond these basic functions. The movement, sensitivities, and intelligence inherent within us there are fine teachers. By listening to our gut, we can learn much in the pursuit of a more mature and integrated experience o f our embodied selves.  The movements o f the gut are slow. Our hectic lives can often be o …

This From the Archives article was first published in Spirituality & Health's September/October 2008 issue. Subscribe Now for roughly $2 a month and get instant access to 20 years of print archives and other subscriber perks. Learn more: https://store.spiritualityheal...

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