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Can You... Should You... Do You... Trust Your Intuition?


Investigating the sixth sense that nobody fully understands but most of us feel we have — intuitively.

This article appeared in the Winter 2000 issue of Spirituality & Health. A friend of mine claims that when the telephone rings, she can often tell who is calling before she picks up the receiver. “Hi, Jackie!” she will greet her astonished friend. “How did I know it was you? I just knew — by intuition!” My friends husband — a guy with a sense of humor — has his doubts about the power of intuition. “She has caller I.D.!” he shouts. “No, I don’t,” she protests. And she doesn’t. At least not the kind provided by electronic technology. Intuition leads us into uncharted terrain. It is a way into the unknown, the unseen, the mysterious, the yet to-be, the divine. But though we recognize the threads of the intuitive, can we weave from them a carpet solid enough to walk on safely? We don’t have to learn to trust our power of logic, our vision or hearing or sense of smell. These messengers have proven their reliability time and time again. But we do have to learn how to trust our intuition. One can watch the doors to this secret knowledge open and shut on the hinges of trust and d …

Alison Rose Levy is an award-winning writer and television producer. She founded the Smithsonian Institution’s Media Program, has been a producer for popular series such as CBS’s Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt and Street Stories with Ed Bradley, and has written for a host of national magazines. She developed a television series based on this magazine.

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