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50 Great Spiritual Adventures for the Next Millennium


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A list of fifty experiences to touch your soul and (maybe) change your life forever.

This list first appeared in the Winter 2000 issue of Spirituality & Health. 1. Hide an altar — Jean McMann, Mill Valley, CA Place a tiny figurine above a door molding, a photograph inside a closet, or a beautiful marble in a chink in a stone wall — any special object in a place where only you will notice. Why? These will inspire and refresh you privately. Sometimes we don't want to explain our beliefs and symbols, although we like to have them at hand. Also, looking where we don't usually look keeps our eyes alert; we begin to see more in our surroundings. It might be good, in fact, to change the locations of these subtle altars often, expanding our zones of attention. 2. Enjoy beginner’s mind — Mary Earle, San Antonio, TX I have started spinning at age 50, and it has been a great thing to not know, to become an apprentice. 3. Create a holy book — Editors Find passages from the world's sacred writings (or novels, poems, essays, etc.) that speak to you. Include pictures. 4. Be outside naked for no reason at all — Ramona Richardson, Ringgold, VA …

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