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Guido Mase introduces his Wild Medicine Solution and why it is so important for a holistic and healthy life.

Footage courtesy of Jovial King and the good folks at Urban Moonshine - Providing high quality handcrafted organic bitters and tonics - urbanmoonshine.com/

Practicing the seven simple steps of Dragon and Tiger qigong can ease the symptoms of repetitive stress injuries, respiratory problems, arthritis, and even cancer. Watch to learn how.

Meet Vivian "Spiral" Hancock. Featured in our May/June 2013 issue, Spiral moves in and within symbols to create movement art. More of Spiral's videos can be found at spiralhoopdance.com

Scissor Kicks: Vancouver yoga teacher Julie Peters demonstrates one six-minute exercise that will stimulate your power centre, Manipura Chakra.

Music-thanatology provides musical comfort, using harp and voice at the bedside of those nearing the end of life. Highly trained music-thanatologists serve the needs of the dying, and their loved ones, with prescriptive music. 

The word "thanatology" comes from the Greek word for death, thanatos.

Courtesy of Holy Rascals.

The self-described "beat-happy, Krishna-crazed love magnet" known as MC Yogi found inspiration for his latest album, Pilgrimmage, during travels through India. The musician describe the experience in his own words here.


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