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My "Peace-of-Mind" Practice

  • "Besides physical activities like swimming, cycling, walking and yoga, all of which I consider meditations in motion, my favorite peace of mind practice is Dee-jaying. There is something wonderful about listening, feeling the music resonate in my body and mind, and connecting two or more songs together in a mixing process. And being able to connect with an audience through sharing that experience is truly magical."

  • "Every morning I sit in a quiet place--usually outside, my dog laying by my side. Where the birds are churping and it is peace-filled. I sit with my eyes closed, take 3 very deep breaths and quiet my mind. I do this for 15 minutes."

  • "Go to a place like the one in the photo and sit in quietness, journaling, meditating, giving myself Reiki."

  • "Spending time with my daughter brings me the greatest peace and joy that I could ever imagine. She is just over one year old and sharing her love and seeing her change and grow and learn brings me to the present moment like nothing else."

  • "I combine the elements of Reiki healing with hula-hoop dance movements to form an energetic meditation. Combining these elements gives me peace of mind when I feel stressed after a long day working in the medical industry. It allows me to quiet my mind while healing my soul."

  • "Hiking up a mountain makes me feel alive and at one with nature. At the top, I just pause, breathe deeply, and meditate on the beauty of life."

  • "Peace-of-mind is not always easy when you live in NYC and work in advertising. So I wake up early, do 30 minutes of yoga and 10 minutes of meditation. When I feel good in the morning, feel my connection to the divine, and feel gratitude for my life, my day is off to a great start!"

  • "Whenever I feel rushed or a feeling of anxiety I take a mindful walk. I'll pay close attention to my breathing. I'll stop to notice my surroundings -- and here in Santa Fe, where I live, we are surrounded by beautiful mountains and high desert views. It always helps and always brings me back to center."

  • "Dance and nature: These two practices - communing with my body and divine rhythm, and communing with nature, instantly anchor me to a place of stillness, trust, and surrender."

  • "Mini yoga breaks with hubby (we both work at home, but you could do this (modified!) with an office partner, friend, or child). Hubby and I can both get lost in our long lists, barreling along at the speed of flying fingers clicking away on the keyboard. We can lose touch with body, breath, heart, spirit, and peace of mind, not to mention promoting backaches, tense shoulders, headaches... Our antidote is sprinkling in breaks of a few minutes of mindful partner stretching followed by a few breaths of feeling ourselves in connection, which may include hugging, eye gazing, tossing grapes into each other's mouth, laughing, massaging, blessing each other with a wish, a kiss, a bow."

  • "Peace is found in simplicity, in laughter, in LOVE. Peace is abundant within the magic of mother nature. Listen. Breathe. Peace is the sun, the breeze, the sand, and the trees. Peace is our connection to one another and peace is the connection to the deep, pure beauty within ourselves."

  • "The way I create peace of mind is to unplug as often as possible and get into nature. Communing with the finned, the feathered, the furred, the flora, and fauna bring me back to what is real. To stretch my spirit with my wild family is pure bliss."

  • "My favorite way to cultivate peace of mind is by being a caregiver to my 18-year-old nephew who's battling ALL Leukemia. Being a caregiver to a cancer patient has taught me the full circle to peace of mind. Helping others has given me happiness, fulfillment, and gratitude daily."

  • "My own peace-of-mind practice comes from a blend or balance of many things: practicing yoga, a good amount of reading, journaling, cooking delicious healthy meals, swimming and exploring in the ocean, spending time with my boyfriend and dog, listening to music, and connecting with nature usually through adventures like hiking or rock-climbing. :)"

  • "Of all of the religious practices, I find Buddhism the most appropriate for the kind of person I would strive to become. I am a 31-year-old music teacher in the Philadelphia School District. It is a very stressful job and I would like to find my inner peace to create a space of peace and well-being for my students."

  • "I live with the end in mind, keeping close the reality of my future death. Each day I live with purpose and happiness because I know that it is a precious and limited opportunity."

  • "At midday I walk from my office in Queens to the East River. The vast waters remind me that I am but a small piece of the intricate web of life. I list 10 things for which I'm grateful, I call attention to my breath, and tap the EFT series."

  • "I find my peace of mind when I am meditating - concentrating on the in-breath and saying to myself, 'I am' and when I exhale, saying to myself, 'Here.' I am here...I am still and quiet and holding a space for my true nature, which is contentment with what is...Which is joy. Namaste."

  • "My practice has been to commune with nature in all of its glory. My partner and I seek out those special places that take you away from the superficial and allow you to reconnect with the universal self. It doesn't have to be a far away place just a calming place."

  • "With every new day comes a new need to journey onto my yoga mat. The relationship with my mat isn't always joy and happiness. Like any true long lasting love, there are ups and downs, good times and bad, as well as bliss. It's constant, it's practice... It is balance, strength.... It's mine."

  • "I love my yoga class as it is physical, mental, and spiritual all at the same time! It allows me to 'get out of my head' yet do good for my body, mind, and spirit while doing so!"

  • "I spend 40 minutes every day sitting mindfully in my garden - where the cycle of life plays itself out year round, reminding of my place in the world. This is my healing sanctuary after a year of cancer treatment."

  • "I cultivate peace of mind with yoga and mindfulness practice, both of which help me remember that no matter however chaotic things get, I can always return to myself and my breath and what is, and usually find even a little more space and strength than I thought possible"

  • "I'm a mother of a one year old, and life can get pretty overwhelming sometimes. When it does, I close my eyes, breathe deeply, and think back to when I first saw my daughter's face. It helps me remember to live in the now and instantly brings me peace."

  • "I write poetry. Sometimes this means getting out my camera and photographing my surroundings, in all their glory. Oftentimes, it means I "mind-write" word and verse as I go about my day. Then I sit down at my computer and bring it all together in a blog post."

  • "I call my peace-of-mind practice my Fertile Foundation - it's the basic practice that keeps the soil of my soul nourished so I can strengthen strong inner roots and bear beautiful fruits in my life. Every Monday I start my week by hiking at Land's End in San Francisco. I take intentional time to reap the wisdom and medicine of nature, quiet my mind, connect to my truth, and bask in the expansiveness of life. It's a powerful and calming way to start the week and a glorious place for personal solitude and meditation."

  • "I find peace of mind when I recognize if I begin to judge someone, I become more grateful for what I have, and more understanding of others, with compassion,"

  • "Disengage from the world for a few moments. 'A few moments' can be three breathes, three months, or even three years. Time is not as important as the feeling of balance and renewal. The photo is one I took while on ' few moments' break at The Hostel in the Forest to celebrate the end of my fourth decade, in which I left life as I knew it and have been through many inner and outer journeys."

What's your favorite practice for cultivating peace of mind? That's the question we asked readers who entered to win a trip to Lumeria Maui resort. Here are some of the photos and thoughts submitted as part of their answers. 



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