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Amani the Boda-Boda Rider

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This illustrated story book is an adventure tale of an African girl child who dares a dream: transcending societal norms, expectations, and restrictions, she ultimately becomes a successful female commercial boda-boda rider. The story is written to expand the minds of both children and adults, and to foster attitudes of mutual understanding, patience, and tolerance across demographics, faith-based groups, and cultures. The main character of the story is Amani, with her grandparents and a praying mantis as supporting characters to the story.

Amani (meaning peace in Kiswahili or strength in Rukiga) is a young girl who has made her mark by standing up against discrimination. Amani believes she has a right to be anything she wants. She believes in peaceful coexistence among people of different religions and creeds.

Amani joins a small group of Nobel Prize winners to fight for the rights of the girl child to become anything they want – especially to get education just like their brothers. Amani teaches all who read about her story that anyone can be whatever they wish to be with hard work, persistence, faith, virtue, patience, and vision.

Amani brings out courage in all children who believe in the power of “I can.”

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