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Waterfront scene in Cuba

S-Trip Reviews: Transformative Travel: CUBA!

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Colorful painting of trees and birds

What to Do With the Stories That Haunt You…

Long-practicing Zen student, author, and artist reflects on surrendering to not having a conclusion

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A Weekend in a Hammock

I hate to say it was perfect, because I’m sure it wasn’t…

Illustration of woman and child on beach

14 Reasons for a Beach Vacation

In case you need to be convinced of going to the beach, here's why it's a good idea

illustration of hands reaching for candle

Why I Returned to Church

Reflections on Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy and my return to being Catholic

Colorful abstract image of faces

If You Find It Hard to Meditate…

Try the difficult path to enlightenment

Girl watches plane in sky

10 Affirmations for Nervous Flyers

Buckle your seat belt, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Two women paddleboarding at Lake Austin Spa Resort

Best Retreats for the Active Traveler

The spiritual path leads toward “total aliveness” and entails peace and calm and simplicity, but it may also include bucket-list-level indulgence. The problem of course is that the brilliant minds of the travel retreat industry keep inventing new and more extraordinary...

St. Peter's Basilica with a blue sky

Top 5 Spiritual Places to Visit in Europe

Feeling stressed or in need of a break? It doesn’t matter whether you’re religious or not, if you’re thinking of taking a trip why not visit a spiritual place to put life into perspective? Here is a carefully constructed list of spiritual places in Europe that you can visit...

Guatemala's Lake Atitlan and volcanoes

What Maya Healers Can Teach Us About Cancer

New research shows how Maya healers perceive cancer beyond the physical body.

Woman demonstrating chair yoga pose

Chair Yoga: Restoration for the Lower Back

Rejuvenate and release tension with this chair yoga sequence.



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