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Athlete and green smoothie

Peter Sbaraglia: Customizing a Diet Plan to Every Athlete

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<em>Edit Article</em> Spiritual Heroes 2013: Q&amp;A with Paige Elenson

Spiritual Heroes 2013: Q&A with Paige Elenson

Do you have a favorite quote, prayer, practice or credo that gives you strength or inspiration? "When you pray, move your feet" (African proverb). While I discover vast value in sitting in meditation, my prayers are most potent to the world when they...

<em>Edit Article</em> Spiritual Heroes 2013: Q&amp;A with Adyashanti

Spiritual Heroes 2013: Q&A with Adyashanti

Do you have a favorite quote, prayer, practice or credo that gives you strength or inspiration? My favorite quote is from Meister Eckhart from his sermon on spiritual poverty. It sums up my experience in a very direct and concise way. He  says, "As I...

<em>Edit Article</em> The Healing Power  of Chant

The Healing Power of Chant

An acclaimed yoga teacher and leader of kirtan, or call-and-response devotional chanting, Snatam Kaur sings with the intent of uplifting, healing, and transforming her listeners. A longtime social activist, the California-born vocalist often performs in prisons, hospices,...

An Unlikely TV Heroine: The Dharma According to Yoga Jones

The Netflix series Orange Is The New Black has been heralded and critiqued for its depiction of life among female prison inmates, but one thing is clear: The show encourages its audience to rethink assumptions about women behind bars—including assumptions about...

Roshi Joan Halifax on compassion, women in Buddhism, and altruism

The founder and abbot of Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Roshi Joan Halifax has been a socially active leader in Buddhism for more than 40 years—as a civil rights activist, ecologist, and advocate for caregivers and the dying. An anthropologist who lived with and...

Pema Chödrön— Luminaries 2013: Reader Choice!

Pema's wisdom is an absolutely essential guide to anyone on a path of healing. —Kym Kimberly Dray  She is very relatable. I aspire to follow her example...

Survival Lessons: Novelist Alice Hoffman's Memoir about Breast Cancer

Who is Survival Lessons for? I wrote this book for survivors of trauma, but it’s also for the people who love them. So many of us are taught to deny illness and loss. When tragedy strikes, it’s a shock, and we’re often completely...

Carrie Newcomer's Latest Album: Kindred Spirits

With lyrics like “God walks around in muddy boots” and “a summer tomato is a cause to rejoice,” it’s clear Carrie Newcomer has a knack for finding the transcendent in the everyday. Named one of the top 50 folk artists of the last 50 years by the Chicago Tribune...

5 Questions for Thich Nhat Hanh

When I was seven or eight, I saw a drawing of the Buddha sitting on the grass, very peacefully. I was impressed, because people around me were very unhappy and not peaceful. This picture gave me the idea that I could someday be like him,...

4 Ways to Stop Shame in its Tracks

Everyone is going to experience feelings of shame, yet we can become more “shame resilient,” says researcher Brené Brown. She observed that some people have higher levels of what she calls shame resilience, and that this characteristic can lead to deeper connections with...



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