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Athlete and green smoothie

Peter Sbaraglia: Customizing a Diet Plan to Every Athlete

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Mary Pipher: The Healing Power of Action

The psychologist Mary Pipher unites conservatives and liberals to defend Nebraska’s environment one small, sweet action at a time.

You Are a Part. Not Apart.

I’m a panentheist. I believe that God (however named) is the source and substance of all reality. For me, spiritual practice is about realizing that we are a part of, rather than apart from, God and then living from that realization. Knowing this frees us from alienation,...

Reclaiming Energy Medicine

Intuition medicine pioneer Francesca McCartney has grown from a nearly silent little girl into an outspoken proponent of a once-clandestine healing technology.

The Usefulness of Quieting the Mind

Fresh off teaching at a meditation retreat, Mirabai Bush has just spent time with her friend and co-teacher, Sharon Salzberg. “You know when you see something in a longtime friend that you’ve maybe taken for granted? Sharon was just spectacular,” she says with a twinkle in...

Author Interview: Wally Lamb

More than two decades after his tales of trauma and redemption catapulted him to literary success, the best-selling author is still inspired by the human struggle—and the power of story to heal.

5 Questions for Bishop Carlton Pearson

A former Pentecostal bishop, and at one time one of evangelical Christianity’s most prominent rising stars, Carlton Pearson lost his following and was rejected by the fundamentalist Christian community after he began preaching what he calls “the Gospel of Inclusion.”...

"A History of God" Author Karen Armstrong

Is there a unifying, universal tenet or ritual from each major world religion that you find useful to study or use as part of your practice? Compassion. Every single one of the major world faiths has developed its own version of the Golden Rule and...

Top Ten Spiritual Heroes of 2013

Whether they drew strength from their spirituality to advocate for a better world, enriched our days with beauty and light, or simply guided us toward richer, more meaningful lives, these 10 leaders were our beacons of inspiration in 2013. By Damon Orion, Ilima...

<em>Edit Article</em> Spiritual Heroes 2013: Q&amp;A with Stacey Kennealy

Spiritual Heroes 2013: Q&A with Stacey Kennealy

Do you have a favorite quote, prayer, practice or credo that gives you strength or inspiration? Mary Oliver, a poet who focuses much of her writing on the natural world, has been a wellspring of strength and inspiration over the years. Her words speak...

Spiritual Heroes 2013: Q&A With Sandra Ingerman

Do you have a favorite quote, prayer, practice or credo that gives  you strength? There is so much from which I draw strength throughout my day. I work with the practice of shamanic journeying where I have access to  helping spirits who have been...



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