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Athlete and green smoothie

Peter Sbaraglia: Customizing a Diet Plan to Every Athlete

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So What's It Really Like to Run a Sensory-Deprivation Flotation Tank

Ask a Practioner

5 Questions for Jane Goodall

We talk to renowned primate researcher Jane Goodall about her latest book Seeds of Hope and staying connected to nature.

Q&A: Krishna Das

With a new album, Kirtan Wallah, the best-selling kirtan singer reflects on language, practice, and  the spiritual path.

Q&A: Clark Strand

A Q&A with Clark Strand, author of Waking the Buddha.

Renewing Our Relationship with the Earth

Forget about economics and policy. Valuing the earth reconnects us to ourselves.

Wild Tea Hunter

The “Wild Tea Hunter” scours the remotest corners of China in search of the perfect cup of tea.

Romance Unplugged with Daniel Jones

Author Daniel Jones reflects on the diversity—and common threads—of human connection.

Lana Dalberg: The Divine Feminine

A writer, activist, and lay theologian, Lana Dalberg is the author of Birthing God: Women’s Experiences of the Divine.

So What's It Really Like to be an Aquatic Bodyworker?

How can a healing session in the water benefit you? We asked Theri Thomas, a certified Aquatic Bodyworker.

Called to Act

The founder of Buddhist Global Relief, Brooklyn-born monk Bhikku Bodhi reflects on his path from inner peace to changing the world.



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