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Called to Act

You started an organization to fight world hunger, you write about the devastating consequences of climate change, and you marched with the Occupy Wall Street movement. When did you decide that, in addition to your spiritual work as a Buddhist monk and translator of ancient texts, you needed to be an activist? Before I became a monk, back in the late 1960s I had a strong passion for social and economic justice, and used to participate in demonstrations against the war in Vietnam. As I became...

Creative Clash

It’s rare to see a film about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that focuses on artists. What made you decide to tell the story from this angle? I’ve always been interested in artists and how they can breathe life into stagnant conversations and political situations. Living in the Middle East, I saw...

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Somatic Experiencing

The developer of a therapy called Somatic Experiencing, Peter Levine helps patients overcome traumatic memories through physical movement.

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Beyond Words with Barbara Ehrenreich

Barbara Ehrenreich is disciplined in the art of hunker down, study, and observe, from immersing herself in the sciences to taking on a more public role in investigative journalism. She is best known for her breakout book, Nickel and Dimed , yet she has written a dozen other books that toggle...

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Michael Franti: For the Love

The Spearhead frontman reflects on acceptance, yoga, and his daily prayer.

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Why We Forgive

By letting go of past hurts, we can heal not only ourselves, but our families, our communities, and our world.

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Surviving Prison

Damien Echols, once on death row as part of the West Memphis Three, says deepening his study of Western mysticism helped him not only survive prison but to transcend it.

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6 Questions for Krista Tippett

1. Of all the people you’ve interviewed, who surprised you the most? I can’t choose! I hope that with every interview, my conversation partner will surprise themselves by putting words around something important in a way they hadn’t before. And every moment of surprise is interesting, strange, and...

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Q&A: Barbara Brown Taylor

Author Barbara Brown Taylor talks about her new book Learning to Walk in the Dark .

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5 Questions for Sharon Salzberg

1. What important lesson came out of your childhood? Maybe most strikingly, the impermanence and uncertainty of life. As a child I had no ability to extract the sweet from the bitter of this truth. Now, as an adult with a long background in meditation, I feel the poignancy of impermanence, and also...

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Living for the Future with Joanna Macy

By anyone’s standards, Joanna Macy has lived a far-reaching and audacious life. As a young woman, after studying the French Communist Party during a Fulbright year in France, she was recruited to work for the CIA in Cold War Germany. She discovered Buddhism while working with Tibetan refugees in...

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