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What Would the Dalai Lama Do?

Since entering public awareness as the leader of the alternative rock act The Dresden Dolls, singer/pianist/songwriter Amanda Palmer has become one of the most unique and compelling solo artists in modern music. Her new book The Art of Asking is an extension of her 2013 TED talk on learning to accept help from other people.  You practice yoga and meditation regularly. Do you have any concern that by stilling your mind, you might disrupt the flow of ideas that you need as an artist?  No. I think...

5 Questions for John Robbins

John Robbins is the author of best-selling books including Diet for a New America , Voices of the Food Revolution , and No Happy Cows .

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Joy Harjo: Ancestor of a Poem

The acclaimed Native American artist, poet, and musician reflects on tapping into the creative source, bearing the pain of cultural appropriation, and learning to embrace fear.

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Unconventional Medicine

Dr. Neal Barnard on beating food cravings, the myth of moderation, and the health-changing power of a plant-based diet.

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Richard Oppenlander: The Myth of Moderation

The author of Comfortably Unaware and Food Choice and Sustainability on why eating humane and local isn’t enough, and why there’s no such thing as a “sustainable” meat.

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Dr. Dean Ornish: A Simple Choice for Powerful Health Benefits

The renowned physician and researcher on food addiction, the protein myth, and the power of love and connection to strengthen our health.

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The Experience of Enough

Geneen Roth speaks with S&H contributor Kim Rosen on feelings, food, and letting go of perpetually striving for more.

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So what's it really like to be a Medium?

Ask a Practitioner

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Cultivate an Open Heart

"This can make a real difference in our lives."

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5 Questions for Seane Corn

Acclaimed yoga teacher and activist shares her strategy for staying connected to her practice, challenging asanas, and more.

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