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5 Questions for Seane Corn

1. What is your biggest challenge as a teacher? My biggest challenge is the projections that I sometimes experience from students. When someone opens, it is natural to look to the source of that opening—the teacher—and project onto that person qualities or perceptions that are idealistic. I manage projection by trying to be as honest as I can about my own humanity, and I work hard not buy into any hype that might be projected onto me by others—otherwise it is difficult to stay grounded and...

So What's It Really Like to Run a Sensory-Deprivation Flotation Tank

Ask a Practioner

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5 Questions for Jane Goodall

We talk to renowned primate researcher Jane Goodall about her latest book Seeds of Hope and staying connected to nature.

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Q&A: Krishna Das

With a new album, Kirtan Wallah, the best-selling kirtan singer reflects on language, practice, and the spiritual path.

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Q&A: Clark Strand

A Q&A with Clark Strand, author of Waking the Buddha.

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Renewing Our Relationship with the Earth

Forget about economics and policy. Valuing the earth reconnects us to ourselves.

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Wild Tea Hunter

The “Wild Tea Hunter” scours the remotest corners of China in search of the perfect cup of tea.

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Romance Unplugged with Daniel Jones

Author Daniel Jones reflects on the diversity—and common threads—of human connection.

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Lana Dalberg: The Divine Feminine

A writer, activist, and lay theologian, Lana Dalberg is the author of Birthing God: Women’s Experiences of the Divine.

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So What's It Really Like to be an Aquatic Bodyworker?

How can a healing session in the water benefit you? We asked Theri Thomas, a certified Aquatic Bodyworker.

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