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Cultivate an Open Heart

I believe that every human being has an innate desire for happiness and does not want to suffer. I believe that each of us has the same potential to develop inner peace and thereby achieve happiness and joy. If one has a positive mental attitude then, even when surrounded by hostility, one will not lack inner peace. On the other hand, if one’s mental attitude is more negative, influenced by fear, suspicion, helplessness, or self-loathing, then, even when surrounded by one’s best friends, in a...

5 Questions for Seane Corn

Acclaimed yoga teacher and activist shares her strategy for staying connected to her practice, challenging asanas, and more.

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Dreaming the Future

Vocalist Eliza Gilkyson looks for hope in turbulent times.

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Q&A with Dr. Dan Siegel

Brainstorm author Dr. Dan Siegel on the power of harmony, cultivating “mindsight,” and why you should learn to think more like a teen.

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True Believer

Writer Jane Ganahl wonders: How do you know when you’ve crossed the line from activist—to fanatic?

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Prayer is Good Medicine

Duke University’s Dr. Harold Koenig examines why people who live spiritual lives are so much healthier.

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Center of the Storm

Lama Surya Das on walking an enlightened path in the modern world.

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Natalie Merchant: Hearts and Minds

The multiplatinum-selling singer/songwriter turned environmental activist reflects on the freedom of nonattachment, the fight against fracking, and changing the world through music.

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So What's It Really Like to Run a Sensory-Deprivation Flotation Tank

Ask a Practioner

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5 Questions for Jane Goodall

We talk to renowned primate researcher Jane Goodall about her latest book Seeds of Hope and staying connected to nature.

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