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Eat Mindfully

Monster muffins, mega cookies, gargantuan meal platters—such are the choices that await you 24/7 everywhere, from bookstores to gas stations. No wonder we’re consuming 200 to 500 calories more per day today than we did twenty years ago. You see, science shows that when you are given a portion of food—whether it’s a sandwich and fries or a package of snack chips, you tend to eat that portion, no matter its size. Since it takes a while for your brain to get the cues that you’re full, you keep...

Banishing the Binge

New studies show a strong correlation between depression and binge eating disorder and researchers are now looking for more holistic ways to treat people’s moods and their relationships with food.

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The Science Behind Stress Eating

If you’ve ever found yourself reaching for a carton of ice cream when under pressure, you’re not the only one – and your cravings for sweets when you’re stressed may be based in science.

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Iodine Boosts IQ

Important news for pregnant women: A flurry of studies support that iodine boosts IQ.

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3 Legal Entheogens for the Spiritual Explorer

Throughout human history, spiritual seekers have used sacred plants and fungi for healing, visionary encounters, and mystical experience. Though this history has been largely obfuscated by prohibitionist attitudes and misinformation, entheogens—substances that “generate the experience of God within...

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The Do No Harm Diet

Embrace the core of a bodhisattva experience: spreading joy both inside and out.

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Eat Your Weeds!

Look no farther than your backyard for this season’s tastiest and most nutritious greens.

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All Clear with Panchakarma

Practitioners of panchakarma go beyond the basic cleanse to deeply purify body and soul.

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Happy Trails

Try these tips and products to keep yourself in physical and emotional balance on your next trip.

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Pumpkin Power

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to enjoy the newest protein in town.

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Going Vegan After 50

By changing your diet, you can change the world—at any age—according to Carol J. Adams, Patti Breitman, Virginia Messina, authors of Never Too Late to Go Vegan.

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