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Going Vegan After 50

The problems in the world today need our wisdom and our compassion. And there is no better place to begin to exercise these qualities than in our kitchens. Once we step out of our role as consumers in the system that causes suffering in animals, we can begin to nurture that warm connection to the other beings with whom we share our planet. You don’t have to become an activist, holding signs at protest marches (although some of us choose that route). You merely have to acknowledge that living...

Eat Broccoli for Aching Joints?

New research on the benefits of broccoli.

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Through Yoga, A Path Beyond 12 Steps

By the age of two, Tommy Rosen was hooked on sugar. At 13, deeply affected by his parents’ bitter divorce, his addictive behaviors escalated to drugs and alcohol. By the end of his teens, he was trying any substance that pulled him away from the emotional pain of the present moment. Rosen isn’t...

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The Good-Mood Diet

If you’re feeling: Stressed Out Eat: Chicken stir-fry with brown rice When you’re stressed to the max, you may be tempted to self-soothe with food: a bag of chips, mac ‘n’ cheese, a carton of mint chocolate chip ice cream (or all of the above). But overeating won’t turn a bad mood around—it will...

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The Power of Placebo

New science tells us that, in some cases, simply believing in a cure can be enough to make it work, says writer Joseph Dispenza.

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Rich Gluten-Free Molten Chocolate Cake

Gluten-free baking often requires using several different types of flours and starches in one recipe, and it’s important to be sure they are thoroughly blended. In this recipe, I use a whisk to combine the sorghum and tapioca flours, the potato starch, and the xanthan gum, along with the powdered...

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Miraculous Millet

From the insatiable thirst of wheat to the heavy carbon footprint of imported quinoa, many of the whole grains devoured by health-conscious Americans today come at a high environmental cost. That’s one reason Jean Hediger has turned into a millet evangelist. “It’s nutritious, easy to grow, and...

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Soy Vey! Is It Time to Toss Your Tofu?

Some foods get all the glory—think kale, quinoa, blueberries. But others seem to go straight from superfood status one day to nutritional bad boy the next. That seems to be the case with soy. Long celebrated as a health food staple, this ubiquitous legume has been facing serious health questions—...

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Easing Anxiety with Kava

A recent study supports what Pacific islanders have known for thousands of years—kava, the root of a tropical pepper plant, can help reduce symptoms of anxiety. According to the study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology in May, kava may offer a natural and less addictive...

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8 Natural Flu Fighters

Keep the sniffles at bay with these surprising immune boosters.

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Your Food Pharmacy

Before chronic health issues like inflammation and fatigue take hold, look for a cure in your kitchen.

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