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Garlic aioli and fresh vegetables

Jameson Watermulder: A Chef’s Guide to Healthy Home Cooking

In the past, eating home-cooked meals was the only option that most people had, except on special occasions. However, that has changed in recent times as people have become busier and prepared meals have become cheaper and more convenient. While this trend has had a negative...

Raw mushrooms and spices on wood surface

Food As Medicine: Boost Immunity By Adding These To Your Diet

Here are five common foods that can not only feed the body, but also boost immunity and help prevent sickness from coming on in the first place.

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Colorful onions on wood surface

Is Detoxing Actually Healthy?

Helping your body detoxify through effective measures is a practice that can be traced back hundreds of years.

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Variety of lentils and wooden spoons

2016 Is Officially The 'Year Of Pulses'

Why all the international fuss about pulses?

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Crimson Detox Juice—No Juicer Required

This detoxifying crimson juice is perfect for starting off the New Year right.

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Green smoothie and kale on wood surface

Be Strong — Eat for Power

Excerpt from Hope, Make, Heal: 20 Crafts to Mend the Heart

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Teapot with tea cups on wood surface

5 Ways to Hydrate Without Drinking Water

Try one of these five sources of flavorful hydration that will give you a little more nutritional bang for your buck.

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Fresh figs on wood surface

The Fascinating Benefits Of Figs

It’s time to branch out and chomp down on this sweet, plump dried fruit.

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Fresh cut avocado on wood surface

Feel Full for Hours

Post-Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, models claim that the way they keep their bodies runway-ready is to "snack throughout the day" and "eat more protein ." So does that mean snacking on chips,...

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Closeup of fresh leeks

7 Reasons Why You Need Prebiotics

Because the health of our gut is closely tied to many other bodily functions, prebiotics and probiotics together are important for battling inflammation and lowering overall disease risk.

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Zodiac sign illustration circling moon

According To Your Zodiac Sign, Here's The Superfood You're Destined To Eat

Whether you're an Aries prone to headaches or a Gemini that can't shake a cold, we've lined up the perfect superfood for your astrological sign.

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