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by Meghan Telpner Five years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease , a condition that is commonly believed to have no cure. I was given the options of surgery and medication for the rest of my life, still without the potential of a cure. My doctor told me that diet would have no effect and that...
Fleda Brown
In our local sangha, we continued our reading and discussion of the chapter titled “Doing No Harm” in Joseph Goldstein’s One Dharma. Since I wasn’t able to be there, Karen led discussion. This is her report: This week we talked about what Goldstein called “ill will” as one of the three unwholesome...
Julie Peters
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Sanskrit word “guru.” Most of us know it as “teacher” but the Sanskrit breakdown is a little different. See here from the Upanishads: The syllable gu means shadows The syllable ru, he who disperses them, Because of the power to disperse darkness the guru is...
Rabbi Rami Shapiro
The fall issue of Reform Judaism magazine contains a passionate, even angry, attack on Jesus, Krishna, and John Lennon’s song “Imagine” by Dr. Ze’ev Maghen of Bar-Ilan University. The essay is adapted from his book J ohn Lennon and the Jews . I looked up the book on Amazon and it’s supposed to be...
Celebrant Institute
by Lois Heckman The week of October 5th is designated as “National Get Organized” week. Getting organized is something many of us strive to do, day in and day out, but often have difficulty accomplishing. What a wonderful opportunity this is, then—to have a week to truly dig in. Taking on daunting...
Emily Bingham
Kids are notoriously picky eaters, and when my brother and I were little ones, we were no exception. During one particularly nutritionally deficient phase, my brother refused to eat anything except nuked hot dogs for weeks on end; I, myself, hated raw vegetables and didn’t eat a single salad until...
Kristine Morris
I have always found haiku, with its spare text and deeply penetrating insight, a perfect doorway to meditation. With scarce means—the haiku form allows a mere 17 syllables in which to plumb the depths of its subject—it deftly peels back the superficial to reveal a thin slice of the worlds hidden...
Fleda Brown
We were fortunate to have Sokuzan Bob Brown, from Battle Creek, Michigan, with us in our local sangha for our 4-hour block sitting on Sunday. In his dharma talk afterward, he talked about sila, samadhi, and prajna. I’ll attempt here to give you a sense of it. Pretend now that you’re sitting,...



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