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The Swim of Awakening In the absence of data, we will always make up...

Celebrant Institute
by Michele Davidson Divorce holds the potential to transform the lives of those who go through it. It is a painful journey, one that takes courage and a personal commitment to healing. So what gives with the lack of ritual around it? The “divorce ceremony” is a trend gathering steam that supports...
Emily Bingham
With National Breast Cancer Awareness Month coming to a close, there has been much coverage in the media about raising awareness, early detection, and funding research for a cure. There seems to be less emphasis on prevention, however, and that got us to thinking. Though science tells us that our...
Fleda Brown
What a good talk we had yesterday evening about the second (of the traditional Buddhist 6) skillful actions: sila , or morality. We didn’t get far in Goldstein’s chapter, “Acting for the Good,” from One Dharma , but felt like an important issue—morality. How do we think about “rules” of behavior?...
Julie Peters
Yesterday, I wore as much purple as I could muster. Even my eyeshadow was purple. October 20th is Spirit Day : a day of awareness for bullying and suicides in the LGBT community. Coincidentally, I also watched Boys Don’t Cry for the first time the night before—a film based on the true story of...
Rabbi Rami Shapiro
Every once in a while it is good to sit down and clarify what you believe. I did this recently and came up with the following: 1. Everything is a manifestation of the one thing I call God. 2. God is not good; good and bad are human categories about which God cares not one bit. 3. Life is not...
Eve Hogan
Eve, Why do I constantly pick bad boys or men who are destined to hurt me eventually?? I’m not attracted to nice guys at all—the ones who might stick around and who I could probably build a future with. I just don’t feel the chemistry with them. I want to get out of this syndrome but don’t know how...
SH Editors
By Paul Sutherland Someday my son, Patrick, might wish to be a yoga instructor. He is fascinated by the poses that I have programmed into my iPad and has spent hours looking at them and then modeling the poses. He is very proud of his “boat pose” that his instructor, Aunt Vanessa, taught him...



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