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Will Donnelly
“In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities. In the expert's mind there are few." - Shunryu Suzuki, Zen monk Many years ago, as a yoga student, I envisioned how wonderful it would be to teach yoga. As a beginner, my mind was always open: I had begun a love affair with the practice of yoga...
Will Donnelly
As a yoga teacher, over the years I've had many people ask me whether yoga is the real deal: Does it really help, or is it just another fad? Do you have to be an acrobat to feel good about your practice or can anyone do it? Is it just an exercise program, or something more? And as a teacher of...
Will Donnelly
Editors' note: We are honored to welcome Will Donnelly to our team of bloggers at SpiritualityHealth.com. Trained at the renowned Golden Bridge Yoga Studio in Los Angeles, Will is a pioneer in the field of yoga, having developed a style of practice called Practical Yoga and co-creating a yoga–...



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