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Bianca Alexander

The true purpose of this 5,000+ year old practice was never about contorting into the perfect pose, wearing cute yoga outfits, or building instagram followers with sexy backbend photos.

These days, it seems like everyone is a “yogi.” Whether on social media, big pharma-sponsored TV commercials, or countless Bikram, hot, and core power studios in every major city across the globe, yoga...

Bianca Alexander
Today’s modern society can best be described as a paradox: On the one hand, our culture seems to be quickly evolving into a luminous ”golden age” of consciousness we’ve never witnessed before. People are coming together in refreshing ways to nurture the planet, create sustainable communities and...
Bianca Alexander
Watch this episode to learn the best tips, plant-based superfoods, and the spiritual, psychological and emotional tools necessary for successful detoxing each season of the year.



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