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Tue, November 15 2016

Prepping the Skin

Kalia Kelmenson

Product of the Week: jane iredale Beauty Prep

Having a routine of caring for my face is a form a self love. Taking the time to clean and nourish my skin is well worth the moments it takes in my day. Finding the right products to use can be tricky business, but once I find that sweet spot, I look forward to those moments I give to myself.

What is it?

Jane Iredale started a company in her own name in 1994. She came on the scene with a mission to create a makeup line that was good for your skin. The company has grown into a global brand, and supports many worthwhile health, environmental and animal causes. I’d heard of jane iredale as a mineral makeup company, and one of the first to commit to not testing their makeup on animals, so when Beauty Prep™ landed on my desk, I was curious to try it. I have my own nightly skin routine, with favored products, but I was intrigued by the idea of cleansing your face in order to get it ready for makeup application. I went all in with the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

Does it work?

The face cleanser was very light and refreshing feeling on my skin. I used a cotton pad as directed as it is quite watery, and the cotton pad showed that it removed some lingering sunscreen I had on my face. The face toner was next, and though I’m not normally a ‘toner’ person, I was drawn into the idea by reading the ingredients, which include apple, pear, and coconut water. My first thought was that I wonder if it’s edible. Instead of guzzling it, I applied it to my face with another cotton pad, and it was tingly, leaving my face quite refreshed. After all this cleansing, my skin was ready for the face moisturizer. As light and refreshing as the cleanser and toner, I was left with a lovely lingering scent of lemongrass.

Final Thought

The three step process brought me back to my youth, when I first started caring for my skin with a similar three step process. The jane iredale scents were lovely, but the toner did leave my skin feeling a little too taut, and the moisturizer wasn’t quite heavy enough for my skin as a nightly treatment. If you were someone who wore makeup every day, which I admittedly am not, I can imagine that this regime would be a nice precursor to a mineral foundation.

Beauty Prep Face Cleanser $28 / Beauty Prep Face Toner $33 / Beauty Prep Face Moisturizer $45 / janeiredale.com

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