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Wed, July 15 2015

VIDEO: Toxic-Free Summer Make-Up Tips

Bianca Alexander

Still wearing toxic make-up filled with talcum powder, aluminum, parabens and other carcinogens? Then watch this episode of Conscious Living® featuring the founder of all-natural Zosimos Botanicals, Linda Stein.
With a range of colors for all complexions and built in non-toxic SPF, she walks me through her tips on keeping a flawless, sun-protected finish all summer long - without the harmful chemicals found in traditional cosmetics. 

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Bianca is the creative director and host of Conscious Living, a lifestyle TV show highlighting health, sustainability and spirituality, now airing on broadcast TV across the U.S. She is a certified yoga instructor and plant-based nutritionist. Connect with her on twitter @ConsciousTV or via Conscious Living TV on facebook and instagram.


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