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Healing Power of Sound

The sound experience is a form of meditation and like a healing aural massage.

Mantra: Moksha

Sound can bring us to the present moment. It can also drift us into the past and sometimes even into the future for short bursts of time. The world around us calls out in myriad voices: the ocean churns and shouts even as it caressingly laps at the shore; trees creak and moan as they bend and sway in the gusting wind, their branches shaking their leaves like maracas; fields of flowers sing in unison. The sound experience is a form of meditation and like a healing aural massage that creates a trancelike state that temporarily disconnects you from your thoughts, any other sounds, and—to a certain extent—your own body. The vibrations can continue rippling through your body for days, and the nurturing power of sound healing on a physical and emotional level is profound.’

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