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Create Your Child’s Best Day Ever… And Ever

A guided meditation


Illustration Credit: Picking Flowers with Mom by Ryan Connors

Begin when your child next desires interaction.

Notice that your child is asking for your attention and bring your attention, gently, to focus completely on your child.

Allow all distracting thoughts to drift away.

Consciously put aside any thoughts of activities that you have to do or things that you need to achieve.

Bring your full awareness into these precious moments with your child.  

Bring your full awareness into the here and now, into your physical body as you interact with your child.

Follow your child’s lead.  If your child wishes to play, then let your child lead the play.  If your child wishes to talk, then let your child lead the conversation.

As you interact, drink in every detail.

Savor the interaction.

Notice your child as if you were meeting him or her for the very first time: notice the shape of your child’s face, your child’s expressions, mannerisms, and speech.  

Children change at every moment. Take this opportunity to know your child, fully, as he or she is at this stage of life.

Listen to your child without judgment.  Let go of any agenda of shaping your child in any particular way (even for the better), and just understand who your child is right now.

Be open and spacious for your child.  

Be kind and accepting of your child.

Be the safe, open space in which your child can just be.

If thoughts or feelings arise for you, that is okay.  Let your own thoughts come and go, returning again and again to giving your child your full attention.

Know your child exactly as he or she is, in this very moment, without judging your child, without judging yourself.


Let your awareness show: by following your child’s lead, through the joyous laughter of a shared joke, with spontaneous affection.  Don’t force it.  Let connection come.

Let your child feel your open, accepting presence. 

Your meditation session ends when your child signals that your child is ready to end the interaction.  

After the interaction has ended, reflect on all that you have learned about your child and about yourself.  How can you bring your insights into your day-to-day relationship with your child?

Koa Whittingham, Ph.D., is a developmental psychologist and the author of a new book for mothers called Becoming Mum.

Book cover

Someone to Watch Over Me

A Spiritual Workbook for Children & Families

Someone to Watch Over Me is a sweet little gift for connecting with one's inner spirit, for giving voice to one's inner being, and for connecting one's essence with Guardian Protectors or Guides.  Simple and inviting enough for children, lucid enough for adults...a precious offering."

Edward Espe Brown, Zen Priest, Author of The Tassajara Bread Book et al

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